System backend


Almost everything deserved to be managed and be monitored, We develop systems to help you managed your business, your employees, your day to day task or even manage your app functionalities.

We will be able to develop a custom made application to help manage your business, from HR task, Sales and day to day employees, We integrate your daily systems into the application and help you manage the task on the go or by automation. from sending reminder emails, sending birthday wishes and all business events tasks. Find inclusive features like:

- Database management, Be able to manage, delete and add valuable data and share it amongst system users as per your desire.

- Monthly report updates, Be able to manage and view your employee's participation throughout the month or week by using time-integrated systems.

- Activity tracking, Track what your users do and don't do using an advanced tracking system.


- SMS notifications, Get notified wherever you are for any activity you would like to be updated about, the control is limitless and you have control of all that.

- RSA ID verification, Do quality checks and also be able to rate, vet and also know your stuff with no hustle, using our department integrated features system.

- PDF document, Get Professional PDF documents for your business statistics and report ready-made for you to use on your next presentation.

More selective features available, Send me a message to discuss more in-depth


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